Center of My Life

So often, we hear people talk about how our priority list should be organized. Often, it goes something like this:

2. Spouse
3. Children
4. Work
and so on…

And I’ve never thought there was anything wrong with that until recently when I heard someone (I think it was Mark Driscoll, but I’m not sure) say that God does not want to simply be at the top of our priority list; he wants to be at the center of our lives. And I was astounded.

We tend to compartmentalize our lives and that’s what this priority list is mostly about. But God shouldn’t be resigned to one “box” or one spot on our list. He should be included in every “box” of our lives. He should be the center of my life and through that he should be part of my relationships and part of my work and part of my home and part of everything I do.

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