The Good News

God created. We screwed it up. Jesus redeems. God is glorified.

That’s it. That’s the whole point… of everything. Everything in the Bible tells the story of God’s redemptive plan throughout the history of our world. Everything points to the center of that plan: Jesus. The Gospel. People think that the Gospel is just about getting a “get out of hell” card, but it’s not. The Gospel is and should be the center of everything we do.

I heard Mark Driscoll say recently something to the effect of: Jesus does not want to be at the top of our priority list; he wants to be at the center of our lives. We compartmentalize our lives in neat, little boxes so that this box doesn’t interfere with that one or that one doesn’t know about this one over here. We’ve forgotten how to apply the Gospel to our lives. It’s taken me a long time to break down those barriers… to figure out how the Gospel is shown in my marriage, in my relationship with my friends, in my work, in my daily chores, in everything.

It’s not a popular teaching anymore. The Gospel as a whole, that is. We teach that the Gospel saves, but we don’t teach how the Gospel lives. We teach “Do these five things to have a healthy marriage,” instead of “This is how the Gospel is alive in your marriage.” What’s the difference you might ask? The difference is everything! If I do these five steps, but nothing changes, I think I’ve failed, that I’ve married the wrong person, that they’ve failed. If I learn how to apply the Gospel in my marriage, it changes… I realize that I’m a failure, totally and utterly depraved without the help of a God who loves me. I realize that my spouse is the same way. We are hopeless without Jesus.

I’m still learning how to tell this story, this Good News. But that’s what I want… To tell the Good News to a hurting world. We are all messed up people. But we are all loved by a gracious God. And in the end, it’s all about him. It’s all about giving him the glory he deserves.

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