My Church Experience-Acts 29

During our time at Hub City Church, God started working in us. He started shaping us into the people he wanted us to be. One of the single most defining moments of my life was when we attended an Acts 29 Conference in Nashville, TN.

Acts 29 Network is an organization devoted to church planting, founded by Mark Driscoll. Driscoll had become one of our favorite pastors to listen to as God molded us into what he wanted because he was so straight-forward. He certainly doesn’t beat around the bush, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Acts 29 is “first Christians, second Evangelicals, third Missional, and fourth Reformed.”

We went to the conference for Frankie and I to be assessed, to determine whether we were right for church planting and if Acts 29 would support us in that endeavor. The first two days were the conference and the last day was the assessment. I think I learned more in those first two days than I’ve ever learned before. It was here that we first figured out that the Gospel is not just something to be shared, but it’s something to be lived out in our everyday lives in every situation. If you really let that sink it, it will transform you and it did for us. Our lives are no longer about doing these three things to have a healthy marriage, but more about how the Gospel is present in our marriage and how our marriage should be reflecting the Gospel. It’s about letting the Gospel really sink down deep and flow out into every part of our lives. I’m not even sure how to explain it… That’s why Frankie is the preacher :)!

It was, also, here that I realized that I was very self-righteous. I did things to try to earn my way to God. But there is nothing I can do that will ever be good enough or make me worthy. Christ already did everything for me.

This one event did more for us in our relationship with each other and with Jesus than everything else we’ve ever heard or been a part of.

When we went to the assessment, it was clear that Frankie was called to plant a church. But we still had some things to learn. They gave us a list of things to do that would help prepare us for our next step.

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