My Church Experience-Hub City

God lead us to a guy named Jonathan. He was praying about whether he would be starting a church in Spartanburg. He had come off a church plant that hadn’t made it and was deciding whether God wanted him to try again.

We met with him and his wife and another couple… And it was the strangest meeting I’ve ever been involved in! We left that night, both thinking that they were asking us something, but they didn’t know what the question was. We later learned that he had been offered a church job and was praying about taking it.

However, we stuck around and God told him to plant in Spartanburg again. I have to say that takes a lot of courage: to have planted one church, have it fail, and then decide to plant again in the same area. Frankie and I agreed to be a part of this new church and Frankie was ecstatic to be able to be mentored by someone who was doing what he wanted to do.

We had lots of LTM (Launch Team Meetings) and invited people to join us. We hosted Movies in the Park at Barnet Park that summer and had two pre-launch services. We got to be involved in everything from the very beginning. We got to be included in the plans for what Hub City would stand for, for who they would be, what their purpose and mission would be: a place to make disciples who make disciples.

We launched Hub City in September of 2008 at Spartan 16 Movie Theater. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. To be a part of something so great. There will never be enough words to explain all that we learned through Hub City Church.

Frankie did a lot of different things from the technical stuff to leading small group to setting up and tearing down… I don’t know. There were not that many of us that launched Hub City so all the duties fell to us few. We all did multiple things; whatever needed to get done in order for it to work. I helped wherever I was needed as well. I helped set up/tear down the kids’ area, write letters and emails for first/second time guests, ProPresenter… I don’t even remember. Like I said, there were probably 8-10 of us that really started it and we did everything we could. It was fabulous to see everyone working together towards a common goal.

And it worked. I mean, how can 8-10 people put on an event like Movies in the Park that ended up seating thousands of people without God being involved? There were so many God-things that happened. It was obvious to us that we were doing the right thing.


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