My Church Experience-SCC

We left Northbrook and immediately found ourselves at Spartanburg Community Church. A friend, who had been going to Northbrook with us before the mess, had been attending SCC and invited us. So we went… And I think, we were mesmerized. We came from a Southern Baptist church that sung hymns, sat in pews, dressed up, and all the traditions that accompany that. And here is this church where we can wear jeans on Sunday morning and not be looked down upon; they are singing current worship songs complete with a band and even (gasp) drums; they are sitting in individual chairs; they have videos during the service. It was a complete change from what we were accustomed to… and we loved it.

We immediately got involved. We served and got into a small group. It wasn’t long before Frankie was acting in dramas for the kids’ area and for the service from time to time. Frankie started leading a small group and we loved being a part of that.

I think, our time here allowed us to figure out what was most important. It didn’t matter how you worshiped God, so long as you were worshiping him.

Sometime during our time at SCC, Frankie felt a desire to serve God by planting a church. We had no idea what that would look like. We didn’t even know anyone who had planted a church, let alone how to do it ourselves. So Frankie began talking to people, trying to find out what we needed to do next.

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