My Church Experience

Since this blog is kind of my journal, I’ve been wanting to write down my church experiences and have decided to do it here: just a log of where I’ve been, what we’ve done along the way, and what God taught me in these places. There are three main churches that hold a place in my heart. The experience I’ve gained there has been worth so much. These are the places where I learned about Jesus and what it means to follow him, some of through good things, but some through bad things as well.

I’ll tell you in advance that there will be at least one of these posts that will be private. The experience is fresh and I have no desire to cause anyone harm. I, also, am still processing so what I may write now, may ultimately change.

I’ve loved each of these places. I thank Jesus for them. I pray that he will bless them, teach them, and grow them.

As a little bit of background:

When I was a little girl, my family attended church infrequently. I don’t really remember a whole lot about church until I was around 10 years old. I’m pretty sure my mom took us some and when we moved down here, I remember going to First Baptist North Spartanburg (or so it was called then). I don’t remember much about what we did when we went there, just that we went every so often. I remember them breaking ground for the huge sanctuary they now have, but I think we left not long after that because I don’t remember attending church in that building. I say all this to say: I had some background in church, but not much. I don’t remember it standing out in my early childhood, although I know my mom has told me she thought it was important to take us girls to church.

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