Alyx & Jesus

Yesterday, we took communion at church and Frankie explained it to Alyx as we did it. Later that day, I talked to her and asked her if she remembered what we talked about communion stood for.

I read her the story of the Lord’s Supper. We talked about the Passover meal and remembering about God saving Israel from the Egyptians through the ten plagues.  I explained that the Lord’s Supper was to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross, how he saved us from the plague of sin. We went through the bread representing Jesus’ body as he was broken and beaten for us and through the wine representing Jesus’ blood that was shed for our sins.

“Why didn’t I get to do it?” she asked.
“Because you’ve never declared that you believe Jesus sacrificed himself for you. Because when we talked about it, you haven’t been able to tell us what it meant.”
“I believe in Jesus!” she cried indignantly. She had a look of utter horror on her face that I would even suggest such a thing!

So we talked through it and I asked her why Jesus died for us and we talked about praying to Jesus and how to do that, to talk to him like he’s your best friend, to ask him to forgive you for where you’ve been bad, to ask him to help you to be better (like being nice to her sister). We talked a little about baptism.

So when Frankie got home, I asked him to talk to her again. Our little girl prayed that Jesus would be her sacrifice and that he would teach her to follow him.

What a fantastic ending to a great day!

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