When Plans Go Awry

It’s funny. How we have our lives all mapped out and it never quite works the way we thought it would. If you asked me five or six years ago if we would be in this position, I would have said yes and no.

It was always in the plan for us to move on. Not to stay. We’ve known from the beginning that we wouldn’t stay and that it would be hard when the time came to move forward.

But I never would have thought it would be like this. I thought that they would be sending us out, encouraging us as we took the next step in our life. I wouldn’t have thought they’d think we were out to tear down the very thing we have spent the past five years building up. It breaks my heart if people think that because it’s a lie.

Oh well, today, I was reading in James and I realized that I’ve been so angry and upset that I’ve neglected to see my own mistakes. I’ve realized that I’ve been hoarding the good things that God has given me. God gave us mercy and we are to share that with the people around us. So that is what I need to focus on. Not the other stuff. Not the ugliness of this world. I need to focus on the goodness of God. I need to focus on the Gospel and living it out in everything I do.

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One Response to When Plans Go Awry

  1. Kaye Allen says:

    I’m Sorry Melanie if you are hurting……..God will help you and your family get over this . Just know that the Great Almighty loves you and so does your family. The world is and can be a very ugly place to be at times. But we will prevail and as long as God knows what’s in your heart that’s all that matters. No one understands us like God does and he’s the only one we will have to answer to one day. I love you and am always here for you. Love, Mom

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