Something We’re Not

When I first started going to a church 10+ years ago that played “rock” worship songs, I loved it. I enjoyed the band and the worship experience and thought it was cool. For the last few years, I’ve realized though that we shouldn’t be doing something just because it’s cool. Now, I don’t mean that we shouldn’t play drums on Sunday morning because it’s the devil’s music. No, I still love a band leading worship… But I also still love to hear some of the old hymns.

I think, the church has tried to evolve into something that is acceptable to the culture and we may be doing a great job at that, but are we failing God in the process? Is the church so caught up in being relevant to the world that we forgot that Jesus is relevant with or without our help. Some churches have even gone so far as to use songs in their “worship” service that have absolutely no connection to Jesus. I think, that’s going too far.

Our services should be focusing on Jesus, on worshiping him wholeheartedly. I’m not sure that you can worship God with a song in which the words are worshiping drugs, money, sex, etc. If we turn our focus on Jesus and him alone, he will draw people to himself. He doesn’t need us, but he likes to use us. If we are providing a real worship experience on Sunday morning, than I think God will draw people. We won’t need to do much; he’ll do the miracle for us. (I know, we still have to do our part, whatever it is that God tells us to do, like inviting people, so that we are obedient, but really everything depends on what God does and not me.)

Anyway, I just want the churches across our country to be real and not try to be something we’re not just for the sake of popularity. Jesus wasn’t popular with a lot of people and he drove many away. He divided people. Should the Church be any different? There should be a clear division between the Church and the world.

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