Okay, so my heart just dropped to my stomach. I did it. I sent my query letter and first few chapters to a literary agent. I know, you don’t normally get responses quickly and I know, you normally get turned down a lot before someone finally picks it up and gives you a chance, but that first step was unbelievably hard for me. I’m very self-conscious of my work. The two people who have read it all the way through and helped with some of the editing and minor details both loved it, but that doesn’t mean everyone will and there will even be some who absolutely hate it… But oh, how I want to be a published author! I’ve been working on this book (and its two sequels) for a year and a half and it would be great if it would pay off. I don’t want to self-publish if I can help it. I know you can make more of a percentage that way, but you also, would have to market it yourself and I’m not so sure I’d be good at that. Anyway, this is just to relieve some of the anxiety I’m feeling from hitting the SEND button :).

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