How I Love Thee

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? Hopefully so! If not, I do… a lot. He means so much to me.

Last night, we had a hard conversation, but he was so great in that he kept pressing me for answers. He knows me that well. In most cases, I am extremely introverted, avoid conflict at all costs, and try to make everyone else happy even if it’s detrimental to myself. So things can stew inside of me for months and months before I’m ready to talk about them or before I have enough courage to mention them. I’ve had some issues that I’ve wanted to talk with him about for a while now, but it never seemed like the right time or place, but he pushed me to talk. And even though it was hard, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I love him for knowing me well enough to know I was struggling.

I’ve thought a lot about marriage lately because of people around us who are having marriage trouble. Frankie and I have had our issues and we are certainly not perfect, but I feel relieved that we share the belief that divorce is not an option and that we will always strive to work through our hardships and that we will try hard to avoid unnecessary entanglements that lead to problems.

When we first got married, we bickered all the time. In fact, we hung out with another married couple and I would always see them making faces at each other that said, “Oh, they’re not going to make it.” But we have and thank Jesus, we got past that absurd time in our marriage. The sad part about that story is that the other couple is now going through separation that will probably end in divorce because they made some bad choices for their marriage.

So what’s my advice on how to stay married? Well, there are some basic dos and don’ts, like DO COMMUNICATE (which I tend to forget sometimes) and DON’T SPEND TIME WITH A PERSON OF THE OPPOSITE SEX BY YOURSELF, but for the most part, I know that it is only by the grace of God that I am able to do or be anything. Jesus (and the sacrifice he made on the cross 2000 years ago) is the only reason that I am able to forgive, love, laugh, live…

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and I am so thankful for that. This year marked our 12th year of marriage and I can honestly say that it’s better than ever. We still have all the same problems we’ve had in the past, we have just figured out how to love each other more and better as the years have gone by.

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