I’ve been struggling lately… in a lot of ways, but it’s kind of hard to share them out in the open where everyone can see. I guess, my main struggle is a personal one and an age-old struggle to find purpose. I know God has me where I am for a reason and I love being at home, but it is totally different than having a 40-hour a week job outside the house.

Why? Because no one gives you a set list of things that need to be accomplished. I have to do that myself. And because no one is watching to make sure you get your things done. And because, most of the time, no one tells you that you did a good job for cleaning or doing laundry or making sure the kids were fed.

Every job has its hardships. Even staying at home. It’s just taking me time to get used to those.

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One Response to Struggling

  1. Jaimee says:

    You know I can relate and am still here to chat whenever you need to! I realize somewhere along the way we got out of our emailing habits, but I’m never too busy to talk to you (not on the phone. email. just email. don’t be scared.)

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