Wow! I guess it’s been a while, huh?

So about the middle of January, I started to watch my calorie intake and exercise. I’ve lost 28lbs so far. I know that may not seem like a whole lot for 5 1/2 months, but for me, it’s great! I am not a very disciplined person and so adding any sort of restrictions into my life has been a challenge. I use an app called Lose It! and it adjusts my calories by how much I want to lose, my current weight, and how many calories I burn from exercising. It’s worked really well for me. I’ve been exercising mostly using Wii Zumba Fitness 2. Being as uncoordinated as I am, it was really hard to begin with, but now I breeze through it. I’ve even taken up adding weights into my routine.

The key for me is to exercise every day because according to Lose It!, I should only consume 1100 calories a day. I don’t know about you, but I like to eat and I’m going to eat, so I have to exercise enough that I’m able to eat semi-normally. I’ve made my portions smaller than I used to and I drink a lot more water than I used to, but I wouldn’t say I’ve given up my favorite foods. I just know I can’t eat 3 breadsticks plus my meal! But one is okay!

It’s been difficult and lately, I haven’t lost but a pound or two, but it’s been worth it. And I’ll keep on working on it!


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