Tom’s Memorial Service

The memorial service was last night. I think, it went well. We were able to go through a lot of old pictures and get a board put together along with a slide show video. It was so much fun looking through all those old photos and making fun of what we were wearing and our hair! I used to be so embarrassed going out with Mom and Tom in public because they used to wear matching shirts all the time… like pink or red or Fulton sweatshirts or the absolute worst ones… their American flag V-neck shirts. They were hideous and they wore them all the time! People sent some beautiful flowers and there were a lot of people there, especially from Tom’s work. It was nice to see so many people supporting him and the family.

Afterwards, we went to eat as a family… a HUGE family :). It was nice getting to sit down together and talk a little. There is so much left that needs to get done now. It’s good there’s so many of us, so we won’t forget anything. It’s funny how my sisters and I all think so differently. We all are thinking about different aspects on where to go from here.

The most important thing to me, though, is to make sure that we all are able to stick together as a family. It’s been easy for us to drift apart since we’re kind of spread out, but it was nice to know, we can come together when we really need to.

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