Best Thanksgiving Moment

So Thanksgiving is this week and I thought I’d share the story of one of our family get togethers.

First, I’ll give you the main characters. My youngest sister, Mandie was in high school at the time. My step-father Tom and my cousin Brian, who was up from Georgia, are the other two main characters.

We must have been waiting on the turkey to get done, because all the other food was pretty much done. My cousins were downstairs outside taking a smoke break. The phone rings and I answer it. The voice on the other line asks for Mandie Whiteman, so I get my sister, all the while thinking this voice is awfully familiar. Mandie (who is in high school remember, so she wants her privacy in case its her boyfriend) takes the phone into the other room. I go outside and see that it is in fact my cousin Brian on the phone with her. So I go back inside.

Phone Conversation:

“Hi, this is Scott with Z108 calling with the Crash for Cash Sweepstakes. If I hear the sound of breaking glass within the next ten seconds, you will win $1000.”

So, Mandie comes running into the kitchen, grabs the first dish she sees (which happens to be a corelle plate, and throws it into the floor with everything she was worth. I mean, this was an over-the-head and then down to the floor throw. Needless to say, the dish broke into 1000 pieces (literally, 1000 pieces) and she screams “I won! I won!”

Tom screams, “What did you do that for? It’s them outside!!”

I am laughing, of course and rush outside to tell Brian that Mandie just broke a plate in the floor, so they are laughing, too.

Mandie is so upset she spent the majority of the rest of the day in the bathroom. Tom refuses to eat the pies that were sitting on the table about 10 feet away from where the plate was broken because he said that the glass flew into them. Brian had to clean up a broken plate. I laughed (to myself since everyone else was in a foul mood) for the rest of the day.

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

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