So I mentioned I’m writing a book… I am almost through with revisions on the first book. So I’ve been looking at publishing. I know that I can get it published by myself on, but I’ve been looking at other options. If I try with a company that will help me self-publish, they would help with a lot of different things. Plus, I’d have books actually published like hardback books! How cool would that be? 🙂

The only problem with such a thing is that they charge for their services. I’m still contemplating. I mean, I can always try to send it to a publisher, but I know that’s a more difficult road. Frankie suggested doing a Kick Start project to raise money, which isn’t a bad idea.

All in all, the biggest stumbling block is probably myself. Why? Because I’m not really good at face-to-face stuff or talking on the phone or anything like that. I think the book will do just fine once it’s out there; however, I have a long ways to go to get myself ready for publishing!

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