I’m obsessive about a few things, but you might not know it. I don’t like people to know how fanatical I am about certain things :). And once I’m on board with something, I’m all in!

For example, I am a new Doctor Who fan. What is Doctor Who, you ask? Well, it’s a British TV show that has been on for like fifty years. Now, the older shows, I’ll admit I haven’t watched. I’m a little afraid of the special effects, BUT I’ve been seriously contemplating watching them. Anyway, it’s a SCI-FI show about an alien (who looks human) who time travels. I love it! In fact, NO ONE I know has the channel it shows on in America (BBC America), so I have to resort to finding it on the internet somewhere after it’s aired… It drives me crazy! Anyway, my daughter has been watching it (except for the episodes with the Weeping Angels because they are too freaky!) and she begged to be Doctor Who for Halloween, so I went as Amy Pond, my youngest daughter was the TARDIS, and my husband (who refuses to watch the show) was Rory Williams. And we bought Alyx a sonic screwdriver to complete her costume, which I was super excited about :)! My phone case is the TARDIS, my ringtone is the theme song (which sounds bad if you don’t know what it is), and my text message alert is the Doctor saying “You’ve got a text message! Text messages are cool!” I’m a member of a Facebook group that is about Doctor Who and I read all the comments daily and I’m super stoked about the Christmas special that’s coming up. Oh, and I tried to win a trip to New York for the premiere of the new season (but I didn’t win!).

Anyway, my point in revealing all that is that I can be obsessive about stuff. I only wish that my obsessiveness could pour over into stuff that really mattered sometimes. I would like to be more obsessive in my relationship with Jesus, but I haven’t reached that point yet. I would love to be so obsessed with reading my Bible that I couldn’t get enough and I would love to spend my day in prayer to my Savior. Or what if I was obsessed with making sure my family was cared for, happy, had my full attention all the time. What if I was obsessed with making sure I phoned my parents at least once a week and seeing my grandparents more often.

What is it that allows us to be so obsessive over something so trivial, but doesn’t transfer over to the important things in life?

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2 Responses to Obsessive

  1. Jaimee says:

    I love seeing these posts, by the way. I would be okay with you getting obsessive about posting to your blog 🙂

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