Our Future New Edition

See the puppy with the dot on her head… She is the future new edition to our family. We are super excited… Well, Frankie and I are because the girls don’t know we’re getting her yet. She is  so cute! We were supposed to wait until Christmas, but we can’t… She will be eight weeks around Thanksgiving so we’ll be going to pick her up that week.

Frankie, Taylor and I went to see her earlier. Taylor held her, but she doesn’t remember ;). All of them were sweet. She’s 8lbs. now and doing well. We get updates and pictures every week. Look at all those rolls!!

We’re still debating on her name, but I have a feeling Frankie is going to win out and her name will be Monkey (or some variance of that, maybe Monkee?). I want to call her something else, but I won’t win.

I wish we could wait until Christmas. I’d love to see Alyx and Taylor’s faces if there was a puppy under the tree. The problem with that is that she’ll be twelve weeks old and supposedly the best time and cutest time to have her is between eight and ten weeks. Plus, the earlier we get her, the better it will be to get her used to our habits. Plus, Frankie and I are just as excited as the girls will be!

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