So It’s Been A While…

So It’s been a while… My one reader will be happy to see me write something :).
So I mentioned before that I started writing a trilogy. I’ve been doing revisions to the first one and I’m on the last few chapters. I have to say that I’m super excited about it. I know I’m biased since it’s my own writing and all, but I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’ve had people say that I have mad writing skills… Okay, they don’t say that exactly…

I really do enjoy writing though and I really am excited about my book. However, now I’m kind of wondering what to do with it. I know I could publish it on Amazon by myself and sell it that way, but can I help it if I really want to have it published by a real publishing company? I want someone to edit it professionally so that it’s not one of those books I read with a thousand tiny mistakes that irritate the crap out of me.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say at the moment :). I just need to decide how to move forward. It’d be a lot easier if I knew a good publisher!!


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