Out of Context

Okay, so I made a statement the other day (which I’m pretty sure came from God!) that I really find profound and it’s something like this: Too often, the Church takes the Gospel out of context. So what do I mean? We want to talk about Jesus and his grace, but we neglect to talk about the background of his grace. We neglect the Old Testament. I mean, think about it… how often do you hear pastor speak from an Old Testament passage…. not just add it into what they are talking about, but really, truly going through an OT passage.

I love the Old Testament. I love the stories. But more than that, I love how it points to Jesus. I just don’t think you can even begin to understand what Jesus did on the cross until you begin to understand the Old Testament. Take the story of Passover… The people of Israel were enslaved to the Egyptians. God, through a series of plagues, was working towards their freedom. So He tells Moses that there is going to be one last plaque and it’s the worst. God will kill the firstborn sons. The Israelites are to take a lamb and kill it and put its blood on their doorposts. Then, when the Destroyer comes, if he sees the blood on the doorposts, he will “pass over” that house and any firstborn son within will be saved. In the same way, Jesus, the perfect, unblemished lamb, spilt his blood on the cross. If we will take that blood and cover the doorposts of our hearts with it, then when the Destroyer comes, he will be forced to “pass over” us. I don’t know… that just makes me full of joy, that God would save me. He’s awesome. And the grace of Jesus means so much more when I can see it in light of thousands of years of the history found in the Old Testament. When God wrote the OT (through human hands), he had Jesus in view… everything points to Him; it gives Jesus’ life, death and resurrection so much more meaning.

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