Taylor 7-1/2 Months

Well, Taylor is getting bigger every day. Lately, she’s been on the verge of crawling. She is almost there, but doesn’t know how to move once she gets into the crawling position. I try to get her to come to me, but she just smiles at me and sits back down.

As I’m typing this, she is in her crib half way crying, half way screaming. She’s been sleeping in her bassinet upstairs with us since she was born. Now, that she’s almost crying, I’m worried she might fall over the side! She hasn’t been pulling up or anything, but it’s better to get her used to it now… but she’s breaking my heart right now. 😦 She has this kind of small screech that lets me know she’s REALLY unhappy. Sweet baby.

She’s a good baby. She wakes up around midnight and then again around 5am… it’s not too bad. I don’t think she’s hungry, she just doesn’t know how to go back to sleep yet by herself.

Alyx is a great big sister… I think she’s actually going to help Taylor crawl and/or walk faster because she’s going to be trying to get away from Alyx hugging her to death! Alyx can’t wait until Taylor is big enough to play with her. They are sweet together. Taylor just starts laughing anytime she catches a glimpse of Alyx (unless of course, she’s being hugged to death by her!). Alyx will be four in a couple months… I can’t believe how big she is. She wants everything she sees on TV or in the newspaper or whatever she can find, but she still loves elephants.

Oh well… I think I’ll try to comfort Taylor from a distance. I know, it’s probably the worst thing I can do, but I hate hearing her cry!!

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One Response to Taylor 7-1/2 Months

  1. Kaye says:

    I love those 2 little girls……….love all my Grandchildren. Wish we all could get together more often. Taylor will adjust soon but will Mom adjust? 🙂 I know it’s hard , I only had 4 girls!

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