God uses broken people. God uses people who go through trials. In fact, he teaches people through those trials. Although I hate trials, I’m thankful God is taking the time to teach me. I’ve been going through several trials in the past few months (some longer) and I know he is teaching me several valuable lessons that I will need to look back on and remember.

Lesson #1.

God is in control. I know, I know…. I should already know this. I don’t think he’s necessarily teaching me it as a new thing. He’s reminding me! I need those reminders unfortunately. I like to control things… but I don’t. I end up worrying about things too much when I try to control them. In the book I’m reading (Purpose Driven Life), it talks about how we need to focus our attention away from worries and onto God. (I think it was really talking about meditating on God’s Word and that if we ever worry than we know how to meditate… another good lesson). God really is in control. I just need to focus on him and let him be in control (since he already is anyway!).

Lesson #2.

He has my best in mind. This goes back to my posts on surrendering. God knows what he’s doing (see lesson #1). And that means that he is NOT letting me do things for a reason, even good things. I heard somewhere (probably several places) that sometimes you have to let go of a good thing in order to be able to do the best thing.

Lesson #3.

Don’t wait until the perfect time. There is no perfect time. For years, I’ve let Satan fool me into thinking I needed to wait before I started giving of myself, my money, my time… but that’s a lie. There will never be a better time to give than right now. There is always someone who needs help, always something I can do no matter how big or small it is. I will probably never be wealthy, but it doesn’t matter. If I have 10 cents, I can use that to help someone… I just have to be a little creative (which I’m good at!).

Lesson #4.

Don’t ask God for something unless you really want it. Often times, when we ask God for something, he answers in a way that is going to stretch us, a way that is really uncomfortable, or even in a way that if we knew that’s how he was going to answer, we would have thought twice about asking in the first place! God is teaching me things that I asked for… but I didn’t realize it was going to be so tough.

So, what’s God teaching you right now? And are you listening or are you rebelling against it? Sometimes, it’s hard… okay, most times, it’s hard. Jesus was tortured and beaten and died for me. If he was willing to go through all that for me, I need to be willing to go through it too.

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