Life’s A Journey!

Tomorrow, we’re starting a new series at Hub City Church called “Life’s A Journey.” It’s based on the book, “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I’ve gone through the book before, but I’m excited to go through it again and to be going through it with everyone in my Hub Group and in my church. I am praying that God will speak to me and will change me through these next 40 days. I, also, pray that He would change the people from Hub City Church and that through us, Spartanburg will be changed for God.

Tomorrow is, also, a big day for several other reasons. Hub City Church will be 2 years old (from when we first launched Sunday services) and we’ll be celebrating through fun, fellowship, and baptism. I’m excited to see believers take that next step in their walk with Jesus. But, more personally, my sister Jessica and her daughter, Chelsea, will be baptized tomorrow afternoon at another church’s services. I’m so excited that Jessica is taking this next step. I’m thankful for the people in her life who have helped disciple her and who have walked with her through her journey thus far. Jessica, I’m proud of you! I’m excited, too, about Chelsea’s baptism. I think it’s really cool that Mom is going to be baptizing her. I’m happy for them both.

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2 Responses to Life’s A Journey!

  1. Kaye says:

    Just read this Melanie………..I am also very excited for Jessica and Chelsea. Enjoy the 40 Days of Purpose experience. I went thru Rick Warren’s book a few years back and it was a great book and Bible Study……

  2. Jessica says:

    Your so SWEET! I know I’m a little behind on posting it’s October now! I’m just so busy with school I haven’t had the time for facebook, email, blogs, etc.. I’m lucky if I get on once a week. I’m also sorry to hear about the job. I know you wanted it badly but God must have something else in store for you, something even better! Happy Birthday Hub City! Love you, Sis.

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