Time Flies

Summer is coming to an end…. where did it go? Frankie is probably glad (he doesn’t like the heat). Alyx started back to preschool Monday. She’s going to Lake Bowen 3xweek for half days. She loved it last year, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy it this year…. if we can just get her to go to the bathroom in time, we’ll be good 🙂 She is going through this stage where she is whining a lot, too. But she has a lot of sweet moments. She wants us to say prayers with her every night. She thanks God for all her family and their pets, for her friends and their families, and for elephants, tigers, zebras, and giraffes :).

Taylor is growing too fast!! She can sit up by herself now. She’s kind of chubby! She’s so cute. She smiles at you every time you look at her. I’ll walk in from work and talk to her and she’ll just grin from ear to ear. It makes my day! She’s always making noises… grunting or cooing or screaming. She does pretty well sleeping through the night, too. It’s about time to put her in her crib at night downstairs instead of in the bassinet in our room 😦 Then Frankie will have to go get her if she cries! I got her some big hairbows and they are so cute on her!

Frankie and I went to Ohio for a week. We got to visit with family and Alyx got to really meet everyone. I met my dad’s new wife, Alyxz (isn’t that funny that her name is spelled almost the same as Alyx’s). She was really nice and Alyx loved her. We enjoyed some relaxing time to do nothing at Joni’s house. When we got back, Frankie left for Haiti! He stayed the week there… slept outside because it was too hot inside, ate very little, and worked to dig out the foundation for where they were going to build an orphanage and church. Oh and Frankie did a message the day after he got back from Haiti! He had a very busy couple of weeks!

I’ve been working… seems like that’s all I do, but someone has to, right?! LOL. I’ve also been working on my Premier Designs jewelry business and trying to build it back up. So that’s what we’ve been doing…

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