Why Should I?

So, one of the topics everyone hates to discuss at church is money… “All they ever talk about is money.” “I’m not going there, they just want my money.” And on and on the comments go. It’s probably a big deterrent of people coming to church. I’ve been thinking about this and thought I’d write out my thoughts on the subject.

A couple of disclosures first though…

1. I am a pastor’s wife (although that sounds funny to me). We are going to be planting a church and this is a subject that is going to come up often for us if not publicly, than privately.

2. I believe the Bible. I may not live it out at every point, but I believe and try to do my best to follow God’s word.

3. I have failed financially… I will continue to make mistakes regarding my finances, but hopefully, with God’s guidance, I can get back on his track and do things as he wants me to do them.

That being said, I think there are three reasons why you should give to your local church.

1. God says so. You’ve heard this one before, so I won’t go into a lot of detail. But I believe he is clear in his word that we are to give to his church. Have you ever personally researched what God says? If you haven’t, you need to. Don’t take somebody else’s word as God’s word. He can tell you himself if you will just look into it.

2. Okay, so if number one doesn’t convince you, number two is this. Do you love your church? If you do, then you want it to be here in a year, right? Now, I’m not saying that God cannot do miracles and bring the church money without you… but I think we have a responsibility to support our local church because we’re a part of it. Don’t you give money to things you do… Like if you want a phone number to call your own, you have to pay for it. If you want a house to call your own, you have to pay for it. If you want a church to call your own, you have to pay for it. It won’t survive if we all think someone else will pay for it. Don’t you get upset if you are forced to pay for someone else’s stuff? I know I do. Anyway, do you love YOUR church? Do YOU want it to survive?

3. Do you trust your church? One of the major responsibilities of a church is to help the community. God charges his people to help the widows and orphans. Maybe that is why people say “Well, I give to this organization instead…” Is the local church doing it’s job? If you trust that your church is doing it’s job, than this should be a compelling reason to give to your local church. I guess, this is a challenge to the churches as well… they need to be doing their job.

So in the end if you TRUST your church to spend its money wisely, if you LOVE your church and want it to continue in its mission, and if you WANT TO DO what God says, than giving to the church is your responsibility and honor. Recently, someone gave me an example of how much 20 or so people could do if they would just work together to fill a local food shelter… well, it’s the same thing. If 20 or 75 or 400 or ever how many people are in your church worked together to support the local church, just think of what those local churches could do in their community!

Just a thought I needed to write down before I forgot it!

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2 Responses to Why Should I?

  1. Jaimee says:

    I agree the impact could be fantastic if everybody gave to their local church. I think sometimes people are hesitant to give because they don’t know what their church will do with the money if/when they get it. Maybe the church leaders don’t have a vision for where that money will go. Or maybe they do, and don’t share it. In churches where there is a democracy, there is dissension when it comes to how the money will be used. In hierarchical leadership, those in charge may not really be known, so perhaps aren’t expressly trusted. Sometimes I think that’s why big/rich churches keep getting bigger/richer. Because it’s easy to see where the money is going. It’s easy to see that your giving is making an impact. So it’s easier to trust that the money will be going to do something great. I dunno… something to ponder anyway…

  2. chinchillas07 says:

    I think, it’s awesome if churches are growing… as long as it’s because of new conversions and not necessarily because of church hoppers. But we need to make sure we are spending money on reaching people and not on ourselves. I think, that’s where a lot of people get upset… because they feel like money needs to be spent on them. There will always be dissension about money, perhaps that’s why the Bible talks about money so often…

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