Well, today was the first day of the South Atlantic Market Area Setup Department of Waste Management going paperless. This week has been horrible. It has been so busy all week long. We have one lady who’s been on vacation all week long, and then one lady who lost her grandfather and out for that. We have been slammed all week and it certainly is worse since we’re a bit short-handed, but today was an absolute nightmare. If I was a wealthy woman, I probably would have walked out… it was that bad. If you know me, you should know that that is a big statement as I don’t like to shirk my responsibilities.

When I walked in the building this morning, there were 70 contracts pending setup… and that wasn’t counting the ones I had already put together yesterday that we weren’t able to key. I always had more than 40 contracts pending, most of the time more than 50. It just wouldn’t go away!

Oh well… I’m hoping tomorrow is better. I’m hoping that all the sales reps are on vacation :)…. and apparently, they are hoping all the customers are on vacation!

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