Guerrilla Lovers

So, Frankie will be speaking again tomorrow. It’s the second week in his series entitled “Guerrilla Lovers.” He read Vince Antonucci’s book and loved it. He’s being reading a lot of books on serving lately. His series is about following God, what that means, and what that looks like on a daily basis. Last week, he talked about following Jesus and how that means more than we think it does. When Jesus said “come, follow me,” it meant be exactly like me… exactly. That’s a hard thing to do, to live up to, but Jesus does believe in me. He believes I can follow Him, be like Him. How awesome to have a God who believes in me like that… especially when He knows how much we mess up. But it’s all for His glory… whenever I am like Him, He gets the glory.

Frankie gave an assignment last week… to bake some cookies for someone who is in a service industry (mail man, garbage man, UPS guy, waiter, etc.). It was a great task.. why? It’s not about baking cookies… it’s about developing the habits of loving people on a daily basis, of seeing people whom you might not really see… I hope everyone did this. It kind of opened my eyes to the people who serve me and while they may get paid for it, it’s still service. And I need to be in the business of serving… not for money, but for God’s glory… to show His love to people around me. I hope that makes sense… anyway, Frankie will be talking more about this tomorrow.

You can hear his first message here. And his second one will be up this week (after he speaks!!).

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