Clean Bill of Health

Well, I’ve never gone to the doctor halfway hoping something would be wrong with me, but I have to admit I was hoping maybe something was wrong that would allow me to stay home a few extra weeks… I know, that’s terrible. I got the all clear from the doctor though AND she proceeded to tell me that since the baby came so quickly if we have any more, they will probably come just as quickly and make for easy deliveries… I kind of wanted to smack her, but that’s just me.

I am 22lbs lighter than when I first got pregnant with Taylor, which is super exciting for me. I just have to keep it off now. I’m afraid when I go back to work and sit down, I will automatically expand… I know, I’m already supposed to have laid off the caffeine, but I haven’t, but I really should. I’ve always heard that drinking soda can put 15lbs on you in a single year.

Anyway, everything is going okay with us except Taylor has spells where she won’t slept at night. I’ve not been drinking the caffeine too late, so I don’t think that’s the issue. But last night, I had to put her in the car and ride her around for about thirty minutes.

On another note, I have to say congratulations to my dad. He got married yesterday on a Florida beach. His wife’s name is Alyxz. (Isn’t that funny that her name is spelled like Alyx’s but with a “z” on the end?) Anyway, I haven’t met her yet, but we hope to go up there this summer sometime. So, CONGRATULATIONS, DAD and ALYXZ!

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One Response to Clean Bill of Health

  1. Jaimee says:

    That’s great Melanie! I can’t believe you weigh less than when you first got pregnant!!! Never worked out that way for me. I am just now getting back to the size I was before pregnancies!

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