Snoring and Easter

Okay, so Taylor snores… a lot! And I know I do, too, but so does Frankie! Last night, once I finally got Taylor to sleep, I could hear her little snores coming from her bed while Frankie snored in my ear. My only hope was to wake Frankie enough that he turned over to snore at the wall and try to fall asleep before he starts again! Anyway, the snoring does not help the whole sleep thing. Taylor has been pretty good, but she’s hard to get back to sleep once she wakes up at night. We have determined she sleeps better if she is being held or is near us, but you really can’t do that while you are trying to sleep at the same time. It has been taking me (and Frankie) anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get her back to sleep!

Well, it’s Easter weekend and Alyx has been egg hunting  and all a couple of times. I’m not sure she really knows it’s a holiday or anything. I guess, that’s our fault, but it’s kind of hard to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus to a 3 year old. Any suggestions on how to make Easter about Jesus instead of the Easter bunny (well, for Alyx it’s more about the eggs than the bunny)?

I, also, have another question: why does everyone wonder about how Santa gets in your house, but no one asks how the Easter bunny gets in? And how does he get around in one night?

I would think that Easter would be the most important Christian holiday, but it doesn’t get no where near the hype that Christmas gets. Do you think it’s because of my first question? That it’s hard to explain to kids, but everyone can understand about Jesus’ birthday!

Oh well, I think I’ll take a little nap while just Taylor is snoring… maybe I’ll think of a good answer on how to relate the real purpose behind Easter to a 3 year old…

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