First things first… I’m still pregnant. Baby girl has decided not to make her appearance yet. And please don’t ask me to call you when I go into labor because I’m not going to… I’ll have more important things to attend to ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are on facebook, you can watch Frankie’s status, because I’m sure he’ll update it. Oh, and Mom, yes, I will call you at least!

I was thinking today about myself and the way I work. I’ll soon be out of commission for a while at church and for about 8 weeks from work. I have to tell you that I’m concerned about both. It’s not that what I do can’t be done by someone else or that someone else couldn’t do it better, it’s just that I’ve been doing some things for a while and so, I guess, people just assume it will still get done. Maybe they don’t even realize I do them (and that’s okay… I’m not a person who likes attention drawn to myself). Normally, I acquire jobs because I see something that needs done and I just do it. I can’t stand to sit around and know something needs to be done and not do it. I know, some people are wired that they don’t really see things like that… I’m not. For example, I’ve gotten “in trouble” a few times at church because I realize that the offering boxes aren’t in their spots… so I go get the hand truck and move them. I’m not supposed to be moving anything heavy (I’m pregnant, in case you didn’t know). They really aren’t that heavy, but several people have told me to stop it… I just can’t. It’s there, it needs done, and I’m not doing anything… It’s the way God wired me. It just needs done and I know I can do it even if people don’t think I can ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, I’m not messing with the lights or anything… I may get yelled at then, for sure, mainly because I wouldn’t know what I was doing!

The same thing happens at work. There are things that have needed done and I just do them. I have several “extras” that I do and they started mainly, because people either volunteered me because they knew I’d do it or because I knew it needed done and just did it. I tend to take responsibility for things, even things that I shouldn’t. It’s hard for me to give stuff up, too. Because I want to make sure it gets done and gets done correctly (my way, of course!).

I’ve been wondering though, if maybe this is an inhibitor to others though. I mean, if a person is never given the opportunity to help because I’m in the background just doing everything I see in sight… Please don’t think I mean I’m doing everything or bragging about all I do or any of that. I just wonder if I’m in the way of God using other people. Have I been an inhibitor in their growth? Whether as an employee of Waste Management or as a follower of God, have I impeded their growth? Definitely in the life of a disciple of Jesus, serving is a vital part of growth. And as an employee, when people step up to do things, they grow in the company and in their ability.

I don’t know if this even makes a lot of sense to you… it makes sense to me, but I could be going about it the wrong way. I just want to do my part, but I wonder if I’m trying to do other people’s parts, too, and perhaps God is trying to tell me something about that. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves…. Maybe I’m so wrapped up in that myself, that I’ve ruined another person’s chance to be a part, too. Just a thought… and mainly, this is for myself, but it helps to write stuff out!

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  1. Great post Melanie. So here’s my questions for you: What are you going to hand off and who are you going to hand it off too? This is your chance to disciple someone.


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