Well, no changes… My “official” due date is March 3rd. So, on March 3rd, does that start my 40th week or end my 40th week? I’m just wondering. I think it’s the start, but I may be wrong. I’m still 1cm dilated, and nothing else is ready at all… This is feeling eerily familiar unfortunately. Alyx was born 10 days late by my due date they used; she was 14 days late according to the first ultrasound, which is supposed to be the most accurate. So, March 3rd is the date according to the first ultrasound.

First things first… I have not gained any weight. In fact, I’m really under by 1lb, but it’s a different scale from the first one I weighed on, so it may be a little off, but still… I pretty much weigh the same as before I was pregnant… which means after baby girl gets here, I will lose weight! Yay! Now, if only I can keep it off, I’ll be good! This should probably not be the first thing, but it’s absolutely fabulous for me!!

This pregnancy has been a little different for me. I was sick in the beginning and if I’m not careful in the mornings, I can still throw up from time to time. I’ve had three colds in the last three months and I cannot get rid of the cough, which can also make me throw up if I’m not careful. (This may be the reason I haven’t gained weight.) I have had more down times than up times, it seems. I’ve felt more tired, which could be because of my three year old who doesn’t slow down just because Mommy can’t keep up. And now, for the last five or six days, I’ve had these horrible pains around my pelvic bone… They progressively get worse as the day goes on and sometimes, I don’t think I can even walk, especially well enough to make it down the stairs to even get to my car. I’ve been using a heating pad at work and that helps a little bit, but it’s still painful.

This baby has also been a mover and a shaker. She has tried to stretch her way out of my stomach, I think! Alyx moved a lot, but she never really caused me to suck in my breath when she kicked me. This baby can kick the tar out of me sometimes!

I know she will come when she’s ready, but I sure do hope it’s sooner rather than later because I don’t want to cry at the doctor’s office when they try to force me into induction. I told Frankie that if I was ever pregnant again, which we’re not planning on, that I think I might go to a place that encourages natural birth more… not like the wierd, wierd people who think yu can get through birth without pain or anything, but just someone who will understand that I don’t want to be induced and accept that. And not start pushing me to be induced at week 38. It’s perfectly normal to have a baby anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks, so leave me alone until then! Oh, well!

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6 Responses to ***Sigh***

  1. Jaimee says:

    (1) On your “due date” you will have completed 40 weeks of pregnancy.
    (2) Just because you haven’t “progressed” from last week to this week does not mean you will not “progress” between today and tomorrow! These things can happen gradually or in mere hours… All the measuring, poking and prodding that we let doctors do to us ahead of time does nothing but needlessly stress us out and satisfy THEIR curiosity!
    (3) It’s your body. It’s your baby. You have the final say. You do not have to allow them to badger you. You can simply and calmly state that you are not interested in discussing induction before 42 weeks unless there are measurable signs of distress for you or the baby. End of story. You get to end that conversation. Take control. It belongs with you and your husband, NOT with the doctor, who is really only there to assist with a normal, healthy birth.

  2. chinchillas07 says:

    Thanks, Jaimee! I have a feeling that I might yell at the doctor this time around instead of cry…. not sure why ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to change my appt to someone I felt would be a little less pushy, but that didn’t work out. But Frankie should be able to go with me and he’s good at telling them what I want if I do start crying! I’m not worried about progressing in between appts b/c the appt before Alyx’s birth, there were absolutely no signs of anything happening… we’re a little ahead of that, at least, but I know it can happen in a few hours! I do keep looking for other signs though! I guess, I’m just a little anxious. I’m taking the evening primrose oil now though! I just hate that the doctors think that inducing is the best option… It just complicates things.

  3. Jaimee says:

    I’m wondering if you see the same Dr I do… I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to realize you go to Carolina OBGYN. I have all sorts of unflattering names for mine. Joy sees her too… and she agrees…

    And yelling can be healthier than crying. You’re more secure this time around because you’ve done it successfully once already. Hold fast! The baby WILL be here sometime in the next few weeks and you’ll be well on your way to not having to deal with these people again for awhile! : )

  4. chinchillas07 says:

    I don’t go there regularly… only when I’m pregnant, so I don’t really see one doctor in particular, just whoever is available. But I really, truly don’t think any of them are found on babies going past their due date… I know, it probably has to do with money or something… The receptionist tried to get me in to see Dr Nichols, because apparently, he’s about the only one that won’t really push induction, but I’m thinking even he has made a comment or two about it to me before… Oh, well. She’ll come when she’s ready and I am okay with that… I just have to fight off the doctors!

  5. Sara says:

    I realize people have their preferences about their childbirth experiences and I think it ‘s awesome that you are willing to defend what you want to happen. But I don’t want you to be overly worried about being induced either. I went 9 days past my due date with my firstborn and was excited when my doctor set up a date to be induced. It was no more difficult than a typical birth would be. And, it was cool because since we knew the day he would be born, everyone that we wanted to be there was able to make plans to be available. He was born later that same day and everything was perfectly fine. I was just happy to finally have him here! I hope your experience is healthy and happy for the whole family and we look forward to meeting your newest addition!

    PS-I loved Dr. Nichols!

  6. chinchillas07 says:

    Thanks, Sara. I’m not overly concerned with inducing, but more with the pain associated with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Since you know I will more than likely not have medication, it’s my biggest concern!! I know, it will be alright… I think I’m just ready to get this part over with… I’m tired this time around and just want to have baby girl here, so my body can recuperate some!

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