One More Thing…

Well, my pink dots for the baby’s room came in today and Alyx and I put them up… YAY! Baby girl’s room is orange and we are using Alyx’s bay furniture that is all white and then we did all the “trim” stuff in bright pink! There are pink curtains, the pink dots on the wall, a pink rug, and other pink things. I think it looks cute. One more thing I can check off my list!

I went to the doctor today and apparently, I’m past 1cm, but not to a 2 yet. I think it’s funny how all the doctors will say different things every week. Last week, the doctor I saw told me that this baby would probably come about the same time as Alyx (within 7 days of the same time), that the baby was probably around the same weight as Alyx would have been, and so forth… This week, my doctor told me that I probably would not go past my due date and that the baby was looking bigger than Alyx was. I just think it’s great that this baby is maybe going to save me the heartache of listening to the doctors trying to force me to induce. Oh, and one more thing…. I lost weight again, so I was 3lbs over my start weight, and now I’m 1lb under it! I think that’s fantastic!!

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2 Responses to One More Thing…

  1. Jaimee says:

    Wow that’s crazy!!! (the weight thing I mean) Are you all packed and ready to go? Make sure that if you still want me there, call me the second you have any inkling! I’m getting so excited for you guys!

  2. chinchillas07 says:

    We’ll call you… I’ve started packing some stuff. I guess, I was just thinking I had more time, but I’m not sure that’s the case anymore! I’m working on it!

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