A Million Things….

I feel like I have a million things that I need to do… but I really don’t feel like doing any of them 🙂 There are still things that need to be done in the baby’s room; there is still a lot to be cleaned up in my room… I have papers everywhere! Plus, there are all kinds of things I need to get rid of. I need to make some phone calls, but I’ve been putting them off. I need to clean up this dreadful house… there’s crap everywhere I look… I just don’t have the energy. Maybe tomorrow.

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One Response to A Million Things….

  1. Jaimee says:

    If there’s stuff I can help you with, I’d be glad to! Now I’m no Donna Reed when it comes to housework, but perhaps the two of us together could do some damage. Let me know what I can do!

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