Almost There…

Well, it’s Jan 31st. I have about a month left give or take a week or two depending on what this baby girl decides to do. AM I nervous? No. Not really. Everything went great with Alyx and relatively quick, so as long as there are no complications, everything should be fine. I’m still planning on no epidural… My irrational fear of shots make that a pretty easy choice for me. Plus, I think if you prepare yourself, it’s not too bad. Your body is made to handle it.

Anyway, I will be glad for everything to be over though. I have had three colds in the last two months. The one I have now is the worst of the three. I can’t seem to get over the coughing spells, which cause other issues for me. Practically, every morning, I gag and/or throw up, especially right now with all the extra junk floating around. In general, I just don’t feel well… nothing major or that I can put my finger on, I’m just kind of “blah” all the time and I seem to be more tired… probably because I have a 3yr old running around the house (when she’s not sick with a 100 degree fever). Frankie does a great job with her though, even though he doesn’t want to give her any medicine. It, also, seems like there is an endless list of things to do all the time… oh well, I guess, that’s just life.

I wasn’t able to go to the ultrasound yesterday because of the ice. SO I had to reschedule for Tuesday evening. It kind of sucks because everyone would have been able to come on Saturday, but now, I don’t know if anyone will be able to come. I guess, I’ll have pictures to show them, but I really wish Mom could have come. She would have enjoyed it.

Well, I’m in the last stretch now. Soon we’ll have a new baby girl to bring home. I just hope Alyx isn’t too jealous!!!

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