A Great Thing and a Not So Great Thing…

Well, the bad news first… Alyx has been running a fever of 102 degrees since she woke up from her nap yesterday. She isn’t really showing any other symptoms except that she is just laying around. So I know she feels bad. She won’t eat much, but I’m trying to keep her drinking liquids. Her temperature finally was normal the last time I took it (about 30minutes ago), so I’m hoping she is getting better. She’s sleeping again now. She probably didn’t get much last night. The other bad news is that I stayed home from work today with her. Frankie had to go out of town. I don’t mind staying home with my sick baby… I just worry about what I’m going to go back to at work… yuck! BUT hopefully, Alyx is getting better and that’s the main thing.

Now, for some better news… My sisters and my mom got together and got me like the best gift ever for the baby! I have been feeling kind of sad for my baby girl. I just feel like we haven’t been able to do things like we could for Alyx. One of the things that has been bothering me was that we did a 3D/4D Ultrasound for Alyx and we have her pictures hanging up in her room. But we just could not afford that for this baby… SO Mandie, Jessica, Joni, and Mom got together and got me a gift certificate for a 3D/4D ultrasound! I’m so excited. We will hopefully go on Saturday, so Mom can be there. She didn’t get to go to Alyx’s and I know she’ll love it. I can’t say enough thanks to them. It really was something I wanted for baby girl, but I was trying not to be upset about it, so I’m very excited about it.

I’m also excited because Liz Everette is throwing us a baby shower for baby girl (I keep calling her that because we still have no idea what her name is going to be) on Feb 6 at her house. I guess, it’s normal now to have a baby shower for each child, but it feels a little wierd. As much as I want to do for baby girl, we have almost everything we need for her as far as big stuff and clothes. We just need diapers (lots and lots and lots of those) and wipes (lots of those, too) and the other disposable type stuff. I think we are going to get a gift from Alyx to the baby (like a little blanket like Alyx carries around) and a gift from the baby to Alyx (I have no idea what to get here, any ideas?).

Anyway, I’m getting excited about the baby girl now… I’m like 34 weeks or something… It’s really close! In the mean time, I hope my big baby girl gets to feeling better.

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