The NEW Premier!

Well, Premier Designs just came out with their new Spring/Summer line of jewelry. It really looks great. I’m excited to get my order (it should be here Friday!!!).

I went to the Regional Conference that they held in Atlanta this past weekend. I really enjoyed the speakers. I wasn’t too keen on the walking across the stage thing for recognition, but I know people like to be recognized for their accomplishments. I think I just like them sending me retail certificates for free jewelry!! I was able to order $500 worth of the Spring/Summer line for free! Yay!

The one thing that I think really came from the conference was that I can do this…. I can make a living at this. I just need to make a few uncomfortable phone calls to get some bookings started back, but it’s possible. I think that Frankie realized just how well I could do at this, too… he keeps telling me people I should talk to about becoming  a jeweler! I think the one thing that is holding me back right now is that I just don’t know when the baby will be here! I’m kind of afraid to schedule shows in February and March because she’s due March 3rd, but we all know that a due date means nothing! I know I could have others fill in for me, but I hate to NOT make the money 🙂 I hope that doesn’t sound really selfish, but my family needs the income if at all possible!

SO! I’ve got to figure out how to make this work in the next couple of months.

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One Response to The NEW Premier!

  1. Jaimee says:

    It makes me so happy to see your enthusiasm! You can do it, for sure… Necessity is the mother of Creativity!

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