My Country Girl

So, I’ve noticed over the last few days that my daughter has a VERY southern drawl… I’m not sure exactly where she has picked this up. I know my speech has become a little more southernized through the years, but I don’t think it’s as bad as what I’m hearing from her! Frankie is particularly southern on a few words… like “wrassling” instead of “wrestling.” But he doesn’t really draw out his words that I’ve noticed. Alyx makes a one syllable word into four… like “I want choc-lat miiiiiiiiilk.” It’s not miiiiiiiilk… it’s milk, Alyx! She just looks at me when I try to correct her, as if saying, ummm, that’s what I said… ****sigh**** I guess it’s not a big deal, but it is a little entertaining. Now, if she starts saying things like “Bilos” and “Walmarts…” I’ll know she needs to stay away from her Nana!! Oh well, I guess, we are going to have a little country girl living in the house.

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2 Responses to My Country Girl

  1. Sara says:

    Sophie and I got into a huge fight when she said “Leave me along!” and I tried to tell her it should be “alone”. It irritates me every time she says that but I’m hoping eventually, she’ll get it right. Ugh.

  2. chinchillas07 says:

    You know, Alyx still refuses to say simply “orange” for the color… it’s “orange juice” and no amount of arguing will convince her otherwise!

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