Lord, I haven’t been very content lately…. not that I’ve wanted stuff or anything. What I want more than anything is a peace,  your peace that will surely pass any understanding I may have. I’m tired. I’m constantly worrying. I know I’m not supposed to worry. I picture things being different, but instead I can only focus on the half-empty glass that is my life right now. You have given me so much to be thankful for… why can’t I just make that my focus? Why am I focusing on the negative when there is so much you have done for me and for my family? Lord, please take my worries, take my hopes too… make my life into what you want it to be. Help me to be thankful. Help me to focus on YOU! Help me to be content with where I am, with who I am, with what I am… with all you’ve done for me. God, it is only in you I will ever find that peace that I long for. God, teach me to be content.

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