Well, the last few days I’ve been really tired. Why? Well, I think I’ve been doing a little too much! I come home from work, though, and I think… okay, I’ve got to do this and this and that needs to get done, oh and that over there…  There just seems like so much that needs to be done and not really much time to get it done in. Especially since this pregnancy has seemed to tire me out a whole lot more than Alyx’s… as the time gets closer, I think I’m going to be sitting around a lot!!

I’ve been working in the new baby’s room this week and I’ve gotten the basics done. I would love to paint it since it’s orange, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to… so I need to start thinking about how to incorporate a theme into the orange. I, also, realized that I have a lot of clothes that I’ve kept… enough that will keep this baby clothed pretty well. I think God is testing me with this though… I’ve always said I never wanted a second child to have to wear a bunch of hand-me-downs, but I think she will be wearing them after all. I am thankful she has clothes…. I guess, I just wish I could give her more. BUT she will be loved and at least she’ll have some cute clothes, even if they were Alyx’s…  I have some I think I’m going to co-sign, so maybe I can get her a few things of her own.

The good thing is that like the only thing I know we’ll need for the new baby girl is diapers and wipes and the basics like that… For that, I am extremely grateful.

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2 Responses to Tired

  1. Sara says:

    When I find myself having a hard time with something concerning my kids, I try to think long term. Will my kids remember it when they’re older? Is it going to affect the person they become? Don’t worry about the hand me downs..your baby girl will never know she’s wearing someone else’s clothes. That’s all Sophie ever wears!!!

  2. Jaimee says:

    Hand-me-downs are the best! Seriously… You don’t have to fret if they get stained or messed up! Have you checked the return rack at Home Depot for paint? I love that place… You can usually get a really nice can of Behr paint (the kind that only takes 1 coat and it’s really high quality) for $5-8. Do you know if anybody is planning a shower yet?

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