Funny Girl

Alyx has got to be the funniest child ever…. Yesterday, we were in the car and she asked Frankie where the moon was. He told her it was hiding behind the clouds. So then she asks me where the moon is. Frankie says what did I tell you? She responds, “I was asking Mama.”

Then, she said something funny and Frankie responded to her with “your Mama.” She responds, “Not my Daddy?” I thought I was going to throw up from laughing so hard.

She does funny things like that every day.

BTW, my glucose test results came back… I passed! Yay! I don’t have gestational diabetes! So far, since I’ve started going to the doctor for my pregnancy, I have lost just over four pounds… which makes me happy 🙂 However, the last few days, my appetite has started to pick up. I’ve been starving lately… which is not good for my weight issues! Oh well, I know I’ll probably gain before it’s all over. I only gained 27lbs with Alyx (5lbs in the last week), so hopefully, it won’t be too much.

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