A Bed for Alyx

So, we’ve been thinking about getting Alyx a new bed… in hopes she might actually sleep in it instead of ours… ***sigh*** We want to get her a princess castle bed, but they are so expensive and I just can’t see spending all that money right now. It would be for her birthday, but still… it’s a little more…. no, it’s a lot more than I want to spend!! I found one on Craig’s list that’s like half the price, so I think we’re going to see if they still have it, but it’s still expensive!!! Oh well, maybe it will work out for her and for us. It’d be bad to have Alyx and a newborn in the same bed with us! Of course, I was always pretty good about putting Alyx back in her cradle after she got done eating, but she just can’t seem to stay in her bed at night… and I’m too tired at 2 in the morning to take her back downstairs.

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