My Psalms

Okay, I’ve had to rewrite this a couple of times. I’m just a little bit peeved. I finally figured out how to unlink my blog from facebook as apparently that was causing some people some problems.

First of all, this is MY blog. This is the place where I can be myself… or so I thought. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me and my life and what I am going through. The Bible is full of heartfelt prayers that don’t always paint people in a good light, but they are real…. they are what is really going on. This blog is my prayer, my psalm…. this is where I can pour my heart out to God and know that he not only hears me, but will help me through whatever issue is at hand. I have never called names out and said this person has done this or that to me… the circumstances aren’t as important as how I deal with them and this (writing) is how I deal with them best.

Second of all, I have had my friends email me and tell me they appreciate my honesty and openness, that it helps them. I just don’t understand why MY thoughts and MY feelings have to cause YOU problems. We all deal with things in our own way, in our own time…

Please leave me alone as I deal with my own planks…. maybe you should deal with yours before you start judging me about mine.  Please feel free to NOT read my blog… it’s not for you anyway.

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One Response to My Psalms

  1. Rachel F. says:

    You go, Melanie! Props for speaking up and out for yourself 🙂

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