So, I’ve been thinking about my last blog and about Jaimee’s comment on facebook. I think God is using a current struggle to help me realize something about myself that I never saw before. I am extremely thankful for everything I have been through, even if it was extremely difficult at the time. Why? Because it has made me who I am today. Circumstances are just that… it’s how I deal with those circumstances that matters.

I think that I have built walls around myself and didn’t even realize it until now. I think about my relationships and how I have a hard time building relationships. I can’t help but wonder if that stems from some things in the past. Like I said, I would not change anything in my past and I can guarantee my past is a lot better than most people’s, but I think that as a child and going through some of the issues I dealt with that perhaps I put a wall up between myself and those around me. As a child, I think I just found a defense mechanism that worked for me; however, now I think that perhaps I need to work on taking those walls down….  Now that I see that… how do I do it? I guess me and God will have to work on that!

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