No Honor

I was reading about when Jesus entered his hometown and could do very little there because the people, his family and the people he grew up around, didn’t have faith in him. This really made me think about my own life and the people around me, particularly my family. There have been several instances in my life where I feel the people in my life didn’t believe in me… didn’t believe in what I wanted… didn’t believe I knew what I wanted. It’s really hard, knowing that you try your best to help in any way possible, that you try to always be honest and up front, but still they choose not to have faith in you….

Then, I have to decide whether I am doing this to my family and friends…. am I having problems putting my faith in those around me. Honestly, I tend to be naive, to believe the best about people no matter what, to overlook past transgressions and believe that the same person who has burned me a hundred times is going to do the right thing this time. Frankie tells me I let people walk all over me. I guess, I just want people to do the right thing. But that just doesn’t always happen. So… back to my question… do I have faith in the people around me? I just don’t know how to answer that right now, except that I really hope so.

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