Give. Save. Live.

So today at church Jonathan talked about money… everyone’s favorite topic, right?! We are in a series entitled FoolProof and are asking the question “What is the wise thing to do?” So this week was “What is the wise thing to do with my finances?” This is a really REALLY hard question to ask and even harder to follow once you answer it!

Honestly, our past experiences have left us in present bondage, so I wish we had asked this question of ourselves a long time ago. It really would have changed our lives I think…. Maybe I could have stayed home after Alyx was born, maybe it wouldn’t be such a struggle that Frankie’s not working a full-time job, maybe….

In light of present circumstances, I really feel we have no choice but to trust God. He has been extremely faithful to us as we have been faithful in giving to him. In light of our future goals, I have to trust God to work those out! He knows my desire and it is nothing I can ever accomplish on my own especially in our current circumstances.

I guess, the part of Jonathan’s message that challenged me the most was about prioritizing our finances. I don’t often do things in the right order… I do them, just not the way they should be done… and I realized today that I do this with my finances as well. So my challenge is to do things the way God desires me to do them.

I, also, have an issue with saving… but I think this is more because of our past foolishness than anything. I need to start being faithful to this as well (but I’m not sure this is a biblical principle, just a wise one!).

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