Garage Unsale

So we really didn’t advertise this a lot simply because of what it was, but today was our first ever Garage Unsale! What is that? Well, it’s like a garage sale except we gave everything away. I was really excited to see God’s people from several different churches come together to help our community. This was not a Hub City thing, it was a kingdom building thing! And as much as we were able to help people by meeting physical needs, it was also a time of building God’s Church in Spartanburg, which is just as big a benefit as meeting people’s needs is… to me, anyway!

I’ll be honest with you… I was just glad that when we got to the Beacon this morning that we still had all our stuff! We did have a few greedy people who were taking more than we allotted… we wanted to limit it to people taking five items so that they might get what they needed and not just what they wanted and also, so that others would be able to get something, too.  But we are only responsible for our part, what God has asked us to do.

I think we learned some valuable information for if we do this again, but overall, it went great! Thanks to everyone who donated items, to The Beacon for letting us use their parking lot and tea and lemonade, to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts, to Pods, and to all the great volunteers!

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