Simple Life

The subject of this book by Thom & Art Rainier is simply about making life simple…. a lot easier said than done. In fact, I have tried to pick up this book several times in the past month and find myself too busy (whether I actually am or whether I just perceive myself to be too busy) to read it. I am still in the middle of it, but I find myself fascinated by the ideals set forth… none of which are new or something we couldn’t figure out if we just took a few moments to sit back and relax instead of always being on the go!

“Simple Life” breaks life up into four categories: time, relationships, God, and money. All of which are extremely important to all of us and are areas we also tend to make things more complicated than they actually are. Thom and Art Rainier give four goals (clarity, movement, alignment, and focus) and apply them to the four areas and give you a game plan for making life simpler.

As I said, I am still reading this book, but so far, it has really made me think about how complicated I have made things in my own life… and with a second child on the way, I really need some simplicity soon!

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