Well, I have officially started selling with Premier Designs. I’m very excited about it and have already done one show that was above average, so it was great! I am looking forward to the opportunity it presents for me. Guess what else? By the end of this weekend, I will more than likely have two great ladies that I will sponsor as new jewelers! I’m really excited about that! The only bad thing for me is now I need to find two people to host shows by the end of October! Which is feasible… It’s just funny how every time I get my nine shows booked, something happens and I have to find more people! (I want to have nine shows before Nov 1st, so I can be entered in this great contest for free jewelry.) I’m very excited about my “daughters” in Premier! And I will make my Premier mom a grandmother for the first time and I think I will make her Premier mom a great grandmother for the first time! It’s just really cool how things are working out… just more confirmation that this is what God wants me to do.

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One Response to Premier

  1. Jaimee says:

    I will check with my sis in Aiken. I bet she could get the sales for you just passing around a catalog…

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