The Wise Choice

I meant to post on this last week because it was really profound to me.

We are in a series entitled “Foolproof.” (We took a break this week to celebrate our 1st birthday as a church! Yay!) Jonathan talked about how we need to ask ourselves “What is the wise thing to do?” And we should do this in light of past experiences, in light of present circumstances, and in light of future goals…. in light of those things, what is the wise thing to do? He, also, pointed out that we tend to live on the edge. We want to get as close as we can without stepping over the line that makes it a bad choice. I have heard people say so many times “It’s better to ask for forgiveness later than permission now.” Which is basically saying “I know that this might be the wrong (unwise) thing to do, but this is the way I want to do it.” I’m pretty sure I’ve lived that way myself at times.

So, I’ve started a new business selling Premier Designs jewelry. I’m very excited about it. In light of my past experiences, it was a tough choice to invest in this, but in light of my present circumstances (being pregnant) and my future goals (to stay home and to develop better people skills), I felt this was definitely the best choice for me. I know it’s going to be a lot of work and in the next six months, the extra work may wear me out a little, but if I can succeed, my dreams will be a lot closer than they have ever been before. I’ve already had some tough choices to make in my new business, but I’m trying to make the wise choice! I feel much better and more confident though after my training show and my first show this week! They were both great and I gained a lot of experience already. It truly was a God thing that I even came across this opportunity.

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