Alyx has an Obsession

Alyx has a little shovel that is supposed to be for building sand castles… however, we have no sand at our house, so she has found a new use for it. Lately, she’s been going around the house finding “spiders” and “snakes.” When she “sees” one, she beats the tar out of it with the shovel. Then scoops it up and brings it to me or daddy. It’s really funny to watch. Once when she was at her Nana’s house, she spied a snake under the couch with a flashlight, announced “I’ll get it!” and then ran into the kitchen, only to come back out with a fork… I’d really be scared to see what she’d do with a real snake, so…

Erin brought a fake snake to work to scare Tiffany, which she didn’t really… (However, I scared the crap out of her with it later). So I brought it home to see what Alyx would do with it. When she saw it, she was like “there’s a snake!” And surprisingly, didn’t go near it! I expected her to run and get her shovel and break it while she was beating it to death. I’m thankful to know that she won’t go run up to them at least…  Okay, never mind, she just brought it to me and proceeded to lick it… yuck.

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